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News Of Wallpaper

Several Ways Of Metope Decoration

Brush coating: to coat the walls, with be bored with child make level, burnish smooth, level off after the brush paint, mainly emulsioni paint. Wall and roof use gesso line at the junction of the upper part of (or wood line) as a decorative line, lower junction with the ground with the line that play a base. This is the wall of the simplest and most common way of decorating. This process is concise and lively, the room appears capacious and bright, but the lack of change. By hanging frame, photo, tapestry, match with lamp lighting, ornament. Now there are some new type of coating, such as imitation silk paint, colorful coating, etc., make metope processing means more rich.
Wallpaper, wall surface treatment after leveling, wallpaper. Wallpaper sort very much, hundreds or even thousands of, color, decorative pattern is very rich, you can always find their favorite style. Wallpaper is dirty is simple, new wallpaper directly can use wet cloth to wipe. Wallpaper with old, can take the top off, no need to handle, directly with the new wallpaper. In Europe and the United States is a major way to decorate the wall wallpaper.
Do murals: after metope processing level, the whole wall from floor to floor spraying into a huge landscape painting, or is the blue sky white clouds, clear spring, or the forest can give a person a kind of friendly feeling of returning to nature.
Package dado: from the ground up around the wall made a circle plate is about 1 m high dado, can protect the wall from furniture, knock against external forces, easy cleaning, can also be carried out on the wall from the vision break up, and adornment effect. This style of decoration is more common in Europe and the us is mainly used in the large room.
Spread sheet: whole metope grassroots plank on the shop, the outside decoration panel, the overall effect is elegant, but can make the room appear crowded. Though there is a kind of is the whole set of wall board of density board etc, but the above again to paint white emulsioni paint, can't see from the outside is made of plate decoration, it is convenient, using density board cutting edge tidy flat characteristics, through the plate joining together to do a straight line, pit slot, such as modelling, such already can make the modelling of metope smooth, meticulous, and avoids the heavy use of plank of crowding.
Do "stonewall" : one is "culture stone wall act the role of:" the pebbles, SLATE, sandstone, quartz plate, etc. Batch into flake, build by laying bricks or stones into the side walls. Culture stone is bibulous rate is low, acid-proof, not easy to weathering, sound-absorbing the effect is good, adornment sex is very strong, mainly used in the sitting room adornment. Texture coarse culture stone Mosaic in the living room with a side archaize means that the body of the wall to make TV setting wall, already can sound-absorbing, and metallic foil out of the home appliance, form a strong contrast.


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