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News Of Wallpaper

The Wallpaper Of Choose And Buy

The choose and buy high quality wallpaper, first to see if the wallpaper color on the surface of the uniform, if there is color difference and bleeding, fuzzy phenomena, etc., usually design the clearer, the better. Followed by the weave and smooth, mainly for non-woven fabric and wall cloth and so on, to look at both sides, usually higher surface density of the fabric, then the better the quality. In addition, you can wallpaper wallpaper shop samples by looking at interface, usually papery wallpaper interface is bad, turn the interface will have wear phenomenon of terry.
Buy wallpaper, you can feel with the hand it quality of a material, process and flexibility, often feel is more soft and comfortable, explain quality is better, the more flexibility.
Wallpaper of the also nots allow to ignore to wear dirty resistance point, suggest that consumers in the process of choose and buy, can draw a few picture on the paper, pencils with erasers. Generally high quality wallpaper, even if the surface is concave and convex texture, it is easy to clean. If it is inferior wall paper, it is easy to rub or wipe clean.
Used for household wallpaper on the waterproof effect also is quite high. To test for a wallpaper of the waterproof effect can try to fall a drop of water on the wallpaper, if wait for 2 to 3 minutes, water is not permeate, shows that this kind of wallpaper waterproof good. The opposite wall waterproof is not enough.
When the wallpaper of choose and buy, must use nose to smell the smell of the wallpaper. Real environmental protection wallpaper is tasteless, but made of inferior material wall paper, will have a pungent smell. If release the wallpaper has a pungent smell, it is best not to buy.


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